Tenson achieved a 70% engagement rate with interactive shopping


of visitors engaged with interactive content


increase in video completion rates


of visitors landed on product pages

Tenson is a leading Swedish outdoor brand.

In 1951, in the little coastal town of Varberg, Sweden, the aspiring entrepreneur Paul Rydholm starts a small-scale production of sportswear together with his sister and two seamstresses.

70 years later, Tenson has grown to a leading brand in the outdoor fashion space, selling thousands of products in 23 markets all over the world.

Tenson website

The challenge

Like many eCommerce brands, Tenson focuses on improving their engagement and conversion metrics from their online store.

The team at Tenson are very forward thinking and are always looking out for new ways to increase engagement and conversions on their site.

Tenson knew that, in order to improve these metrics, they needed to improve the digital shopping experience for their customers. They realised that their customers would come to their site, and often get stuck. They would see inspirational content with products they may be interested in, but they would fail to navigate around the site to find the products they were looking for.

These navigational challenges resulted in higher bounce rates and lower conversions.

Chris Doyle

“When we look at the future of ecommerce, we think about shoppable content

Chris Doyle

Director of Marketing & Sustainability @ Tenson

The Solution

In just a few weeks, the Qiwio team helped Tenson turn their amazing content into interactive 'shoppable' content and embedded it onto their website.

Tenson had recently created new product content from their latest expedition up Mount Everest, which included a whole new product line. Before using Qiwio, Tenson's customers could view the product content but failed to find the products they were looking for to read more and buy them.

With the help of the Qiwio team, Tenson added hotspots within their product photos and videos with information about the products and links to product pages, so when a website visitor views the content, they have access to product information right inside the content and with 1 click, access the product page and instantly purchase the products that appeared within the content.

Chris Doyle

“Qiwio has really enabled us to think differently.
We can now create more frictionless shopping experiences!”

Chris Doyle

Director of Marketing & Sustainability @ Tenson

The Results

Qiwio gave Tenson the power to merge inspirational content and shopping technology together to give their customers a more interactive and engaging shopping experience on their website.

Being able to have all the product information right inside the content and allowing the customer to easily navigate from content to product page to checkout increased engagement and conversions for Tenson.

Tenson achieved a 70% engagement rate with interactive content with 50% of all website visitors clicking through to product pages from the interactive content created.

Tenson also experienced that time on site increased, bounce rates decreased and conversions improved whilst using interactive 'shoppable' content on their site.

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What a great idea! As a massive fan of “Choose your own adventure books” and visual novels, this appeals to me on so many levels. The devs have put a lot of thought into this app and it really shows.


This tool is amazing if you plan to create interactive videos or for any type of video content related business. Looking forward to using this tool in our business on a daily basis.


Qiwio is exactly what we were looking for! They have a fast loading and lightweight video player that doesn’t have a significant impact on our web core vitals. with Qiwio – performance was surprisingly refreshing!

Digital Shift

I have had some experience with other similar tools, but none of them had such a simple and logical user interface with incredible options as seen with Qiwio. The possibilities are endless!

Mary Zee

Once you have your content and marketing in place, Qiwio allows your customers to feel like they are in control. When every step of the sales journey becomes voluntary, sales are guaranteed to follow.


I’ve only been using Qiwio for a couple of days, but I’m already in love with it! I was able to create and post a video within 2 hours and the rate of interaction is already three times what I would normally expect.


Qiwio helps with better engagement and conversions for our video marketing efforts. The platform is simple and intuitive to use. And I love when founders pay serious attention to the design aspect of the product.

John K Qauntm

Qiwio is a brilliant interactive video solution. All the important features you need to create interactive video, without being over-complicated. And best of all: it also works smoothly for users in mainland China! Brilliant!

Shi Di Wen